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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday fun

Well, I'm back. It's so nice I can just hop online whenever and I don't have to find someone to walk with me because I am only a block away! So I thought I'd drop in and write about my day.

As I said before, I went on a family outing today. I had a very nice time with my family. About 20 of us went in one pickup (I sat in the front) and drove the 15 minutes to the camp where the father works. It's sort of a fenced in community with a grocery store and cinema and restaurant and there's a pool for the employees. He is the supervisor of this place. Well we all unloaded our stuff and brought in the food and while the mother was cooking the rest of us went to see El Cajon. I had the wrong idea of what it is before. It is this huge dam sort of like the Hoover dam. According to my father it supplies most of Honduras with electricity. Now pardon my ignorance and untechnical language, but if I understood the father's Spanish, El Cajon was built from the 60s and finished in 1985. Several men died during the construction, including the cousin of my family. There are 7 tunnels that the water runs through to create the electrical power. The dam created a large lake (not Lake Yohoa, a different one). It was beautiful because we were so high up and a river runs into it and the other side is a huge lake surrounded by mountains. And get this, there were huge crocodiles swimming in the lake! I took lots of pictures. It definitely felt like an Indiana Jones moment. Well you will all see what I am talking about when I send my pictures home but it was really neat.

Afterwards we returned to the little cottage and had a great feast of carne asada (grilled steak), pico de gallo, tortillas, refried beans, avocado, queso, and salad. Then we walked off to the pool. I was a little worried about wearing a bathing suit because all the women were wearing shirts and shorts in the water. But I had worn a one-piece and I asked my family and they said what I had on was fine. So I stood out a little bit but it wasn't anything too out of the ordinary. There was a water slide and a diving board, and I raced my teenage host brother a few times (later finding out he has asthma which probably explains why I won the underwater ones). The family played cards and watched the younger children. It was really pleasant.

I came home and jumped in the shower, which is pleasantly cold in this climate. When I came to the internet cafe just now I ran into two other aspirantes, Angela and Michael, and I think after I write this I am going to stroll over to Michael's house and hang out before dinner.

Well I hope all is well at home and I miss you :) Keep praying for me! I am having a great time though. Honduras is beautiful and exciting.


  • At March 2, 2005 at 6:40 AM, Blogger Pedro said…

    Hi Lauren!
    Enjoyed reading your blog! Can't you load some photos to go along woth the text? It would enhance it and would be perfect for people like me who live many Kms away (Portugal) to know and understand better your environment and the country you're going to inhabit for the next couple of years. By the way: I think it's great the way you go on the Peace Corps, giving two years of your life helping other people!
    I'll continue coming to read more.

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