Lauren's Peace Corps Experience in Honduras

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Working hard!

Hi everyone!

Only two months til I go home and see some of you! I am ready for some good home-cooking and to see my family...

Life down here is going well, although I have been a bit more stressed than is typical for my PC life...mainly due to the fact that I have been dealing with life in the states more than I am used to. I have started researching which grad schools I might like to apply to, probably a bit late since the deadlines for next fall start in December and January, but we'll see what happens. My idea (THIS month, it may change) is to get a Masters of Public Administration, which a focus on Nonprofit Management. I feel like nonprofit work is good, IF it is done correctly. It can do just as much harm as good if done unthinkingly, so maybe I can do something there. There are some interesting programs in Maryland, Atlanta, NC, and VA that I am looking at...the stressors come in with technology issues I am having and access and time and the recommendations, forms, transcripts and other things I need to track down. It just takes a lot more effort to get all that prepared down here without internet access in my house. My dad has helped me buy a computer, and that will help me write my essays and edit my resumé, but it still can't hook up to internet. I also have been studying for the GREs which are this Saturday in Teguc...we'll see how it goes! I think I have to take it the old fashioned way...pencil and paper, no computers. I am also going to the dentist to get a mouthguard because all this stress has apparently made me start clenching and grinding my teeth and I've had bad headaches lately. So in general, I am already tired of thinking about life in the states and am ready to go back into hiding here in my little Honduran town...(that's sure to scare the parents).

Besides all the work for my "future", I have been busy with PC work. We got to see the Director of the U of Maine's Spanish Dept who came down to Honduras with a list of ideas for the library and for Dulce Nombre. It's really exciting. She is bringing another group of students in March, including Engineers and Nursing students who will do some small projects in their areas. I have been trying to get a Pregnant Women's Circle together at the health center and am looking for funding from some organizations....I want to have monthly meetings with pregnant ladies to talk about health issues, fears, play games, do some exercises and eat a healthy snack with them. Also World AIDS Day is coming up, December 1, and we are starting to plan some community activities to raise awareness and bring the issue home, since Dulce Nombre is considered to have a high incidence of HIV for such a small town.

Well I cant wait to be home and see you all. Keep in touch and wish me luck on my GREs!